Post-Fire Cleaning: How to Restore the Environment?

JK Cleaning is a professional Cleaning Company in West Midlands specialized in post-fire cleaning services.  We base the effectiveness of our services on the study and on the knowledge of the specific problems related to this serious problem. The fire, among all domestic accidents, represents what most of all involves the entire house constituting a real threat to the safety of the residents. Fire and smoke damage is consequential and linked to various factors. Among which the type of structure of the building, the duration of the fire, the materials of the interior finishes, the time of exposure and fire load.

The most common episodes of fire in civilian homes occur gradually.  A small outbreak that, acting over time, suddenly shows its gravity with smoke and obvious flames. The fumes and combustion gases raise the temperature to 600 ° causing the self – ignition of each combustible substance present in the environment. But be careful: if a place is rich in oxygen, the development of the fire will be greater.  During an accident of this magnitude, temperatures can reach 1000 degrees. If we think that plastic and similar melt at 300 °, at 500 ° it burns wood and that at 700 ° the glass melts, it is easy to imagine how devastating the effects of a fire of this type are!

Post-fire Reclamation and Cleaning operations.

When we have to proceed with a decontamination and subsequent post-fire Office cleaning operation in West Midlands, we must respect a specific behavior protocol because the environments that have suffered fires are dangerous. The example to which we refer below is that of a fire that has not compromised the practicability of the entire apartment: here is how to proceed in complete safety. The first step is to get a disposable coverall, a filter mask and gloves, which should be worn for the duration of the work.

During the operations of reclamation of the most damaged environment it is essential to avoid compromising the healthiness and hygiene of the surrounding environments. That is causing the dispersion of soot and dust due to the movement of furniture and furnishings. For this reason it is important to compartmentalize the spaces to be reclaimed. For example, isolating all the neighboring openings and sealing doors and drafts with adhesive tape. Respect all these precautions, you will be able to access safely by moving furniture and more to the environment where all the objects to be disposed of will be set aside or those to be washed contaminated with dust and smoke.

When the environment is completely empty from every piece of furniture, the finishing surfaces infested with soot will be removed. For this reason the curtains, the false ceilings, the carpets and every fabric covering must be carefully removed. Once everything is clean, all the material to be disposed of will be sent to an authorized landfill. Each of the operations described must be performed in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations.  So never taking off the suit or mask because even when it seems to have removed most of the dust, it won’t be like that at all.

What happens during Post Fire Cleaning?

When the walls of damaged factory rooms are free of any smoke-contaminated coating, they should be treated. N and the most serious cases with the removal of the first layer of superficial plaster. Instead, in situations of “simple” blackening from ash, we will first proceed with a superficial Factory Cleaning. Subsequently it continues with an extraordinary washing of the whole surface with alkaline solutions and with specific sanitizing products for the type of support.

The Window doors cleaning will have to be sanitized and cleaned after having also removed the exhibits, behind which soot and harmful substances could not otherwise be eliminated. Particular care will then be taken when Carpet Cleaning, fabrics in general, toys, blankets and any other everyday object .

What happens to the tiled surfaces? And to the wooden ones?

Generally ceramic coatings are initially treated with alkaline solutions.  Subsequently they must be subjected to Window Cleaning the joints which, if they are particularly compromised, will be reconstructed by using specific products. The wooden surfaces, consisting of slats or panels will be removed.  In fact the polluting bacteria and the micro particles nestled behind the covering (those responsible for the pungent burning smell) can be removed only through an accurate washing of the entire support.

Why rely on JK Cleaning for special cleaning?

Whatever the amount of damage in case of fire or other types of special cleaning, choosing the JK Cleaning team you will be in safe hands. We will intervene in every environment to promptly restore the damaged premises and materials. Here are some of our services to post-fire cleaning:

  • dusting of walls and surfaces to remove soot
  • decontamination (after EMPA results)
  • washing and sanitizing of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, fixtures and objects
  • washing and sanitizing of fabrics, sofas and mattresses
  • restoration of electrical and hydraulic systems such as televisions, air conditioners, intercoms and household appliances
  • painting walls and ceilings
  • deodorization and perfuming of rooms and fabrics
  • restoration of paintings, furniture and carpets
  • removal of debris and unusable materials

Reliability, experience, is essential qualities for the reclamation of the pub and office and apartments devastated by the flames. In complete safety we will do our best to limit damage by using specific products and machinery for cleaning, remediation and decontamination. The quality is a matter of choice! So in the case of post-fire cleaning or other special cleaning do not hesitate: entrust our professionals!

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